My mission is to help people to develop their own unique talents, abilities and passion in order that they may lead more meaningful, joyful and fulfilled lives. The principles I apply promote an overall holistic approach to the well being of people, focusing on all levels of the human psyche. (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) to ensure they reach their full potential whilst becoming a whole balanced individual.

As a Counselor, Manager/Director, Holistic Healer, Life coach and Trainer I have applied my knowledge to help individuals and teams to function at optimum level by ensuring their overall wellness on all levels of their lives. I have a passion to help people to align themselves with their true life purpose to be able to achieve their full potential. It starts with changing mindsets and removing self-imposed limitations. This happens when people start seeing themselves as awesome, incredible holistic beings and are empowered with tools to achieve beyond their previous limits.

My high energy multi-media presentations get you ready for action with a renewed belief in yourself, some practical tools and a determination to succeed.

My presentations are adapted for each client or group and my topics are relevant in today’s competitive and demanding business environment.

My qualifications include amongst others, Doctor of Philosophy, PhD: Holistic Life Coaching; National Certificate in Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development (OD ETD) Practices, MA( Behavioral Social Studies in HIV/AID), BA(Hons) Social Science, Dip. Industrial Relations, Majors in Communication/ Industrial Psychology, Dip. Reflexology.