The Ancient Isis or Isis Blue Moon Empowerment was channeled by Linda Vaughn.

The Isis Blue Moon healing system has a similar energy to Reiki. It is a very soothing, calming and cool energy which may also present itself as cold or freezing. This healing works well if you have a need to reduce swelling or bring down a fever, for example.

Isis is an Egyptian Goddess. She is an ancient lady of power. With this attunement you will become a part of the spiritual order of Isis and be able to connect to her spirit and cooling energy often. Goddess Isis is our Lady for empowerment and divine femininity, worshipped as the Goddess of medicine and wisdom.

You will also get the rights and rituals in a manual format to connect further with Isis.

Prerequisite: None

You will receive: 2 attunements, Manual and Certificate.