Kundalini Energy

Kundalini is the coiled base energy at the root of the spine. When this energy is tapped, specific healing channels and chakras are been opened, and you gain access to the unlimited healing energy from within yourself and the environment.

The root chakra is the energy centre located near the coccyx and serves as portal for the Kundalini energy. The stimulated energy shoots all the way up through the body, through the main microcosmic spinal channel, and out of the Crown chakra.

An open Kundalini system ultimately cleanses the chakras, the body parts and the energy channels

The Three Attunement Levels

Kundalini Reiki 1 - The first attunement clears healing pathways to allow the unobstructed flow of energy. Simultaneously, you are prepared for the Kundalini stimulation in Kundalini Reiki 2. This step further stimulates the Crown, Third eye, Throat and hand chakras. You are taught to perform a complete healing treatment and to heal remotely from a distance.

Kundalini Reiki 2 - Microcosmic channels are enhanced. Gradual kundalini awakening occurs with the front and rear meridians coaxing the Kundalini “fire.” Kundalini flow reaches the Hara, the Solar plexus chakra. It paves the way for the final Kundalini reiki 3.

Kundalini Reiki 3 (Kundalini Reiki Master) - The previous channels are widened one last time. Energy conduits to Sex and Base chakras are blasted open. The Kundalini “fire” is strengthened and trickles up and beyond Crown chakra. Your aura is reinforced against stressors, psychic attack and phsyical ills. It is with Kundalini Level III that you can finally attune other people to the same level (or lower) than yourself.

Please be aware, Kundalini Reiki Level III by no means causes a full Kundalini Rising.

Should you desire full kundalini awakening, take up courses in Indian chakral meditation, pranayama and and Japanese Ki healing. Take it further and study the various resonance frequencies of the chakras. It's been theorized that that playing certain frequencies stimulate chakra awakenings--- and lead to Kundalini rising.

Once you reach Kundalini Level III resonance, I can optionally attune you until level 9 if you feel the need for a more penetrating energy flow. The following options are available for you:

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Master

3 Attunements ~ 2 Days Between Level One And Two And Then 7 Days Before Master Attunement. A PDF emailed manual with all the information needed and an emailed certificate

Kundalini Reiki Booster 4 - 9

(Kundalini Booster Reiki 1-2-3-)

These attunements fortifies the previously received attunements, Kundalini Reiki 1-2-3. After each booster, the chakras, the main energy channel and the meridians to the hands are widened and strengthened. After Kundalini Booster 3, your resonance to summon Reiki will have been increased approx. 100 percent! You will also be able to pass on the Kundalini Reiki Booster 1-2-3 Attunements.

(Kundalini Booster Reiki 4-5-6)

These attunements strengthens the previous attunements of Kundalini Reiki levels 1-6. At each additional booster, the chakras and the channels to the hands are magnified and empowered. Kundalini Reiki Booster 6, empowers you to channel Reiki by approx. 300 percent more than those who reached level 3. You will also be able to pass on the Kundalini Reiki Booster 4-5-6 Attunements.

6 Attunements – 7 days between Each One. A PDF emailed manual with all the information needed and an emailed certificate.