Dr. Vijay Sewduth has been attuned and trained by Vivienne Kueck, whois the South African Licensee of the Lightarian Institute. The Institute is, based in Tucson Arizona, concentrating with the energies with Global Human Transformation. We focus on connecting Light workers with the energies of the Celestial Realms, supporting the personal and planetary ascension process… the spiritual transformation that is taking place on Earth at this time. Now, more than ever, to take responsibility and move towards this goal.

We offer you a series of attunement based connections with the highest vibrational energies of the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm. The attunements create permanent linkages for you through these times of change and challenge as they coach and guide you in order to accelerate your spiritual development.


These six attunements, energetically accelerates your Spiritual Development connecting you with the Ascended Masters, each in a simple guided meditation session. Each Ray has a particular focus and intention to support an essential aspect of your personal development with more grace and joy than you would naturally experience.

Much like a musical instrument can be tuned, via the Lightarian Rays your subtle energy fields can be “attuned” with higher vibrational energies of the Masters. The energy work set in motion by these attunements cumulatively creating an ongoing, long-term transformational process for you. Once you are attuned via the Rays, the Masters serve as your guides in the background, all in complete collaboration with your Higher Self energies.

Empowerment Ray – provides you with a “spiritual wake-up call” of the highest order! The E-Ray will deepen your sense of self and support you in getting clearer about who you are and why you are here during these special times. It serves as the foundation for the next Rays.

Clearing Ray – launches a thorough clearing of adverse energy patterns in your auric field. Via the equivalent of etheric laser surgery. El Morya will orchestrate the removal of your adverse soul programming, undesired belief structures and your most challenging mental, emotional and physical patterns.

Healing Ray – attunes you to Ascended Master Buddha’s energies for healing, self-compassion and balance, launching a complete holistic healing process for you.

Activation Ray – will stimulate ongoing and subtle new spiritual initiations. This energy work will prepare you to integrate higher aspects of your divine potential into your day-to-day life.

Manifestation Ray – assisting you to step forward into higher spiritual service and create abundance in all areas of your life. Ascended Master St. Germain will be serving in the background as your etheric Spiritual Coach and Counsellor.

Source Ray – accessing Divine Virtues embodied by Source, fulfilling your personal “divine mosaic pattern of energies” for the coming times. The Virtues are the vibrational “building blocks” for human experience within our Universe. The Virtues are: Beauty, Compassion, Courage, Curiosity, Imagination, Joy, Justice, Love, Loyalty, Power, Purity and Will.