Sacred Breath is about many thoughts and customs, for some it is shamanic process, for others it may be totally different. There are no hard fast rules just some basics. Each person that works with Sacred Breath brings with them their own spiritual thoughts/beliefs making it a system a personal journey of awakening a place within oneself. Although this is a self-healing system, it is also for healing others and our Mother Earth.

The Sacred Breath Healing System takes you back to nature and mother earth. A place that is long forgotten or hidden from our memories, a place where one can reconnect to our sacred songs and dance into existence. It will allow one to send healing not just to self but also to the very core of the planet that we live on.

Sacred breath brings us back together, allowing us to remember we are One with the Universe, not separate. It is about love, sharing of hearts and respect. This particular healing system is Shamanic in nature but also similar to Reiki energy.

This system comes with a very detailed manual which covers many topics including:

  • Crystal Clearing Breath
  • Dolphin Breath/Meditation
  • Healing with Sound, Hand Positions
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Healing with Essential Oils/Herbs
  • Gifts of the Stone Lodge People
  • Chakras
  • Ethereal Crystals/Stones
  • Animal Medicine/Totems
  • Working with Colors
  • Feather Healing/The Winged Ones
  • Smudging Ceremony
  • and much more!

Prerequisite: None. This attunement is available to anyone whether or not you have received any other energy attunements.

You will receive: 1 attunement, manual and certificate.