The living body radiates warmth and energy. This energy is the life force itself, and has as many names. In Japanese Reiki (ray-kee) - means universal (Rei) free passage and (Ki) is universal life-force energy. The Polynesian Huna call this life force “Mana”, India it is known as “Prana”, in the Islamic countries, “Barraka”, the Christians call it the the “Holy Spirit” while modern scientists call it the “Bioplasmic energy”. This energy is indirectly available to us from air, sunlight, earth food, water and love.

Reiki is the ancient art of “laying on of hands” in order to heal. It is the use of touch to convey love, caring, warmth, serenity, and healing through the channeling of energy to enhance a person’s own life force.

Most religions and healing techniques believe in a type of life force energy. Where Reiki healing differs from other healing techniques is the Attunement Process. The attunement process opens certain energy centres in the person’s body called chakras, enabling the Reiki practitioner to channel and vibrate higher amounts of life force energy.

The attunement process does not give the person anything new, it just reopens and aligns the practitioner to something that has always been a part of him/her.

Attunements are given one on one and can only pass on from a Reiki Master/Teacher to the student.

What Reiki is not?

Reiki is not a religion, as it holds no creed or doctrine. It has nothing to do with spiritualism or the occult in any shape or form. It has nothing to do with the invoking of ghosts or demons, nor is it concerned with hypnosis or any other psychological technique. To practice Reiki, no kind of faith or belief is required. In Reiki treatment, use is made solely of natural but concentrated form of cosmic energy

Reiki is a gift that forever changes the beneficiary’s life in a very positive way.

levels of reiki

Reiki is not an exercise or technique which is learnt from an instructor or a Master. One is attuned and connected to the limitless cosmic energy and this becomes possible because the psychic Chakras of people, who receive the attunement get opened, and the attunement becomes a channel of this universal healing energy for the rest of ones life. By the virtue of Reiki flowing through ones palms, one is able to heal self and others.

There are normally 3 levels of Reiki designated I, II, IIIA (Masters Level and IIIB (Master/Teacher) level.

Level I - Reiki Level I (called Shoden in Japan) is taught to those that wish to learn to use the Reiki Energy. The class is taught by a Reiki Master trained to pass the attunements and teach Reiki. Traditional Usui Healing Systems use a set of four attunements. A Reiki I class material generally includes the hand positions used when doing Reiki on self and others, the Reiki principles, and the history of Reiki. You then receive the attunements. Once you have received the attunements you are a Reiki Practitioner. Whether you practice Reiki or not is your choice.

Level II - Reiki Level II (called Okuden in Japan)

Level II generally includes the three Reiki Symbols (Focus, Harmony, and Connection), Mental/Emotional Healing, Distant Healing, symbols use and meanings are taught and the student receives one attunement.

Level III (A) Advanced- Third Level Reiki (called Shinpiden in Japan) is the Master Level of Reiki. The Usui Master Symbol it’s meaning and application is taught. This symbol completes the other three symbols taught at Level II. The student learns psychic surgery, and how to make use of crystal grids

Level 111(B) -Reiki Master/Teacher

Masters are taught how to initiate others into Reiki using the attunement process.


Once a person is attuned, he or she needs only to have a desire to do Reiki on him/herself or others, and the energy is immediately drawn on its own accord; no further intense focus from the practitioner is needed.

Reiki is an extremely effective technique of total relaxation and stress release. One is filled with a sensation of peace, vitality and joy, often combined with a pleasant feeling of security and of being enclosed in a fine sheath of energy. Treating oneself also helps to release withheld emotions and energy blocks.

Reiki works holistically. It can not only effect changes in the chemical structure of the body by helping to regenerate organs and rebuild tissue and bones, but also help create a mental balance. Reiki is a wonderful tool to help develop conscious awareness, the very key to enlightenment.

Reiki affects each individual in a very personal way, the result being determined by the needs of the person being treated.

Some common benefits of most treatments are:

  • Balances energy.
  • Increases creativity.
  • Helps release emotions.
  • Releases stress.
  • Amplifies energy.
  • Works on causal level of disease.
  • Heals holistically.
  • Increases awareness
  • Reverses aging process.

Physical benefits

• Boosts immune system – strengthening the body’s healing system

• Speeds recovery after injuries and operations;

• Aids the detoxification process, carrying poisons, waste products and germs out of the body;

• Increases blood and lymph flow to and from muscles – hence aiding both the nutrition and detoxification of the muscles;

• Reduces water retention;

• Relieves muscular, rheumatic and other types of pain;

• Improves muscle tone, thus improving posture;

• Improves elasticity and tone of the skin;

• Breaks down scar tissue;

• Helps to restore tissue to its original state;

• Helps to regenerate organs and bone;

• Strengthens and balances the digestive system and all other body systems.

Psychological and emotional benefits of Reiki

• Promotes deep sense of relaxation and well being, balancing emotions and helping to release emotional blocks;

• Releases stress, anxiety, depression and panic attacks;

• Provides a safe environment for people to experience tactile stimulus where their emotional needs and boundaries are of utmost importance.

Reiki can never do damage in any way, since it only flows in the quantities necessary for the recipient.

As with most things in life, Reiki must be experienced to be appreciated. May you exploration of Reiki be a joyous one!

Other uses of Reiki

Reiki as an energy system has many uses as people have imagination.

Below are some examples.

An example, four practitioners used Reiki on a car battery that was flat. They placed their hands on the battery and sent energy for approximately 15 minutes. The guy who owned the car said the charge lasted a week when he thought he should buy a new battery. Many other people swear they have channeled Reiki into their car when they have been in difficulties and have arrived safely at a place where they can get the problem fixed.

Just thinking about Reiki and the energy will start to flow and you can send it to:

• Food and drinks

• Plants

• Animals

• Your car

• Machinery

• Medications or vitamins

• Water

• Bandaging materials or plasters

• Gifts and presents for people

• Your diary if you want it to be filled with appointments

• Your affirmations (write them on a piece of paper and Reiki the paper)

• Crystals

The list is only limited by your imagination.

(Certified Usui Reiki Level 1 to Master Video and Audio Home Study Course)

You are about to discover how you can become a respected and confident certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher in the comfort and privacy of your own home, working at your own pace, with our newly launched Usui Reiki Master Video Home Study Course with Reiki Master Dr. Vijay Seewduth.

4 Easy Ways to Study & Master Reiki

1. Reiki Manuals (PDF)

2. Video Lessons (MP4)

3. Powerpoint Slides and Notes

4. Audio Lessons (MP3)

3 Reiki Manuals

Our Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher Video Home Study Course is built around our 3 best-selling Usui Reiki manuals. With around 300 pages of text and full colour images covering all three levels of Reiki within 49 individual reiki lessons, our Reiki Master Teacher home study course is ideal for both the complete novice who is new to Reiki, as well as the more experienced Reiki Practitioner and/or Reiki Masters.

The First Degree | Reiki Practitioner Level

In Reiki 1, you will be introduced to the history, origins and philosophy of Reiki. You will learn how to tap into the Reiki energy and how you can use Reiki in your own life and in the service to others. Through detailed full colour illustrations you will master the basic hand positions of Reiki which are used in Reiki self-treatments and the treatment of others. Reiki 1 is the starting point for those interested in pursuing Reiki further and for those interested in self treatments or treating one's own family and close friends.

The Second Degree | Advanced Reiki Practitioner Level

Reiki 2 is the next evolutionary step a person takes after completing Reiki 1 on their path to becoming a Reiki Master. Advanced techniques are taught in Reiki 2 which enables the practitioner to send Reiki energy at a distance, and for developing the mental, spiritual and emotional healing processes of individuals. Reiki 2 is typically taken by those who wish to continue to learn more about this healing technique and use it to help others in the community, often as a business.

The Third Degree | Reiki Master Teacher Level

Reiki 3 is for those that want to teach Reiki to others. Instruction is given on the Usui system of attunements so that you can pass on with confidence the gift of Reiki to others. You will also learn more about symbolism and the Reiki Master symbol. Although Reiki 3 is the final part of becoming a Reiki Master, it is only the beginning of a lifelong journey filled with lots of new possibilities and self-discovering

Reiki 1 (83 Page manual)

Manual Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Universal Life Force
  • What is Reiki?
  • How Reiki Works
  • The History of Reiki
  • The Five Reiki Principles
  • Preparing for the First Degree
  • Anatomic Illustrations
  • Self Treatment
  • Preparing to Treat Others
  • Treating Others
  • Rapid Reiki Treatment
  • Ultradian Rhythm Technique
  • Group Treatment
  • Pregnancy, Babies & Children
  • Reiki Brings Comfort to the Dying
  • Use your Imagination
  • Final Thought 

18 Reiki 1 Video Lessons

17 Reiki 1 Audio Lessons  

264 Reiki 1 Powerpoint slides 


Reiki 2 (107 PAGE MANUAL)

Manual Table of Contents

  • Introduction to the 2nd Degree
  • Gassho, the 1st Pillar of Reiki
  • Chiryo, the 2nd Pillar of Reiki
  • Chiryo, the 3rd Pillar of Reiki
  • Namaste
  • New Possibilities with Reiki 2
  • The Sacred Reiki Symbols
  • 1st Sacred Symbol- CKR
  • 2nd Sacred Symbol - SHK
  • 3rd Sacred Symbol - HSZSN
  • Distant or Absent Reiki Healing
  • Distant Reiki Healing Techniques
  • Working with Reiki 2
  • Non-traditional Reiki Symbols
  • Extra Reiki Hand Positions
  • Combining Reiki
  • Animal Reiki Techniques

23 Reiki 2 Video Lessons

18 Reiki  2 Audio lessons240 Reiki 2 Powerpoint Slides

 Reiki 3 (81 Page Manual)

Manual Table of Contents

  • Introduction to the 3rd Degree
  • Reiki and Symbolism
  • Usui Reiki Master Symbol
  • Non-traditional Master Symbol
  • Reiki Attunement Ceremony
  • Crown to Crown Attunements
  • Preparing for the Attunements
  • Reiki 1 Attunement Walkthrough
  • Reiki 2 Attunement Walkthrough
  • Reiki 3 Attunement Walkthrough
  • Distant Reiki Attunements
  • Advanced Reiki Techniques
Practice and Feedback

Reiki 1 to Master Distant Attunements

You will be distantly attuned to all 3 Levels of Reiki by Reiki Masters and receive a bonus MP3 to play during the Attunement Ceremony.

Much has been written about distant attunements in Reiki.  In our experience, and more importantly, in the experience of the many students who have received distant attunements through the Academy, have shown that distant attunements are just as effective as attunements received in person during a workshop.

Distant attunements are ideal for people who are unable to travel or attend the workshops, or who have an urgent need to become attuned to and use Reiki for personal or professional healing.

We provide this service because we believe that Reiki should be available to everyone, at an affordable price.  All distant attunements are performed by Dr. Vijay Sewduth and will be conducted to the highest professional standards with a strong emphasis on attention to personal detail.

Usui Reiki Master Certification

  • Reiki 1 Certificate
  • Reiki 2 Certificate
  • Reiki Master Certificate
  • Reiki Lineage

Ongoing E-mail Support from a Reiki Master


One on One - face to face Attunements/Discussions can be arranged on date and time suitable to both students and Master

Contact: Dr. Vijay Sewduth