How live a productive life with HIV/Aids

The biopsychosocial program of health approaches an individuals' health from a holistic perspective: physical, mental, and social well being are connected. Health and illness are a natural part of life, both states exist within the course of an individuals lifetime.

Program is designed to be health-enancing for people living with HIV/Aids through the triple mechanisms of simultaneous risk-reduction, immune-b00sting and enhancement of adherence to medical protocols.

What is gained from a biopsychosocial perspective is a holistic approach to treatment. People are more than mere biology and to treat a disease from that perspective is to ignore the other aspects of an individual. The BPS program allows for biological treatment, psychological healing and understanding and permits others to participate and support an individual. Hopelessness and isolation are major contributors in the progress of a terminal illness, changing the way the terminally ill are treated changes the disease process.

Program outline (20 sessions)

HIV/AIDS and Commonly Related Conditions

  • Basic facts: Definitions, Modes of Transmission, Magnitude and Trends of HIV and AIDS
  • Progression of HIV, and Effects of HIV on the Immune System
  • Vulnerability to HIV
  • Relationship between STI and HIV
  • Relationship between TB and HIV
  • HIV and Family Planning

HIV Prevention, Care, and Support

  • Prevention of Sexual Transmission of HIV
  • Behaviour Change
  • Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission
  • Antiretroviral Therapy
  • Post Exposure Prophylaxis in Clinical Settings
  • HIV Basic Care Package


  • Primary medical care
  • Breathing patterns
  • Water consumption
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Physical exercise

Drugs and alcohol

Adherence to health routines

 Psychological

  • Crisis coping skills
  • Grief and depression
  • Stress Management
  • Survival skills
  • Life purpose and goals
  • Living positively
  • Improving quality of life


  • Social support – family and friends
  • Spirituality
  • Cultural approaches to health
  • Alternate healing etc