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This book is based on a research to


"The role of Reiki Therapy in

improving the quality of life of

people living with HIV"

FReiki is the simplest form of healing the body, mind and

spirit, all of which are adversely affected when one is HIV positive.

This book represents a fresh new look at the healing

benefits of Reiki therapy by narrating the first-hand

experiences of such therapy by seven volunteer

research participants living with HIV. The productive

link between the body, life force energy, illness-specific

symptom relief, increased levels of energy, decreased

anxiety and depression and spiritual awakening are

celebrated in this insightful text. Readers ready to

explore alternative therapies or interested in the

human condition and in how energy healing can

impact on chronic illness will find this book to be of

great value. The author was able to navigate her dual

role as social scientist and Reiki practitioner with great

sensitivity so that the text became a celebration of

those coming to terms with an HIV-positive diagnosis

and those who love, care and offer support to them.

Gretchen du Plessis (PhD)

Department of Sociology, University of SouthAfrica